Your cheap midi keyboard buying guide

Are you looking for a low-cost, reliable keyboard that can translate your ideas into musical reality? A good midi controller is crucial to any computer-based music production set-up, and inexpensive models are no way near to disappointing your expectancies. However, choosing a great cheap midi keyboard is not the easiest thing one could pursue. The market is full of impractical models that not only shake you down but also cannot deliver proper assistance to your studio.

In this manner, you shouldn’t launch yourself into impulsive buying and get yourself a product that doesn’t fulfill your needs. Thus, the first thing you should do is make a list of indispensable features that your keyboard should provide and look for the model that ensures them.

 Essential factors to a gratifying midi keyboard

To give you a hand in the decision-making process, we’ve compiled a few aspects to consider before purchasing an inexpensive midi keyboard:

  • Quality. Firstly, your keyboard mustn’t feel cheap when you grab it. Make sure that the model is made out of at least a seemingly expensive material. Although you’re on a low-budget shopping spree, a high-quality material ensures endurance to the product.
  • Functions.¬†Perhaps the most enchanting matter to discuss is the features the model provides. Even at lower prices, midi keyboards offer great functions that have the purpose to tempt you. Yet you surely don’t want a product with useless, or worse, non-functioning features. Look for the model that integrates functions that you find valuable for your work.
  • Your style of music.¬†Intuitively, the keyboard you’re purchasing has to fit your style, so that its features meet your expectancies. Whether you create beats and want better pads or use synthetic sounds and find important the pitch bend and modulation features, you surely want a keyboard that doesn’t disappoint.

Best cheap midi keyboard alternatives on the market

On a more practical note, when we confront the market, it is fairly easy to be deceived by products that display great amenities. Thus, prior research to the actual purchase would come in handy.

On Mr. Pianist you can find listed the best picks for cheap midi keyboards, based on customer reviews, features, and brands. Moreover, you can guide yourself by the notes on Mr. Pianist for each keyboard and find the product that fits best your needs. Your expectancies play the most important part of the process, after all.

We selected our top-tier choice of the best cheap midi keyboard, and that is the Monoprice MIDI 49-Key Controller. This model provides every aspect that makes a keyboard a great studio tool. Starting from modulation and pitch bend wheels to MIDI out port and two assignable pedal inputs, this product seems to have it all. The 49 keys the Monoprice Controller disposes of are sensitive to the touch and mimic a classical piano’s keys. Moreover, this is an authentic driverless plug and play device which can be used with both Windows and Mac Pcs or simply operate it all by itself. Maybe the most beloved asset in consumers’ reviews is the four rotary encoded knobs that are included in the price.