Ski clothing you need if you plan on going on a ski trip

Skiing is one of the sports that not everyone gets to experience on the regular. It requires living or going to a mountainous place with snow all-year round, or at least somewhere that is snowy for a good part of the year. Ski professionals and amateurs alike should practice the sport wearing specific gear and clothes to avoid any unwanted accidents or injuries that might end up causing major harm to them and others at the venue. Injuries sustained from skiing can be pretty serious, so you better take a look at these ski clothing items you should wear if you plan on going on a ski trip.

Ski jacket

Any place with deep levels of snow requires a jacket of sorts, just out of common sense’s sake. Ski jackets and one-piece suits are designed to withstand the harsh conditions that can come about in the backcountry. They also feature many ways to keep everything tight, so as to not let any of the snow that flies all over the place when going down a slope or just in general when traveling on skis.

Ski pants

While you might not give it much thought, winter sports like ski and snowboarding involve a lot of falling and getting back up again. Things would be much easier if we were talking about grass or sand, but we’re talking about snow sitting on the face of a rocky mountain. Of course, ski pants are a necessity to avoid as much bruising and hard hits as possible. These pants have special padding in the rear and other specific parts to protect skiers from such falls.

Ski boots

Logically, practicing a sport like skiing involves riding on skis, and you simply can’t put your bare feet on them. You need ski boots that attach to the skis themselves with bindings, which are designed to protect your feet while giving you maximum mobility as well as thermal coverage. Keep in mind a ski boot bag is also recommended, since once you’re down the mountain, walking back up in your ski boots isn’t the most comfortable thing ever.

Ski goggles

Snow flies all around when skiing, particularly when you pick up speed and you start avoiding obstacles at maximum velocity. Add the fact that just the cold wind hitting your face can be quite inconvenient for your vision, and you end up obviously needing some eyewear for protection. Ski goggles are just that, and some designs not only keep snow and wind off your eyes, but also harmful UV rays that you ignore on sunny days due to the cold atop the mountain.

Ski gloves

Skiing is only possible as long as you’re able to move, and the gear that makes that movement happen is a pair of ski poles. So, last but not least, ski gloves are necessary but to protect your hands from the cold and get a good grip of those poles. Coming down the mountain at full speed and taking regular impulses using the poles also means you’re prone to falling at one point, which is why these gloves are also padded like pants to protect your hands.

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