Gaggia Anima Prestiga Espresso Machine

Gaggia Anima Prestiga

Even though the cost for this coffee and espresso maker can be shocking or even overwhelming, it may be worth considering. This machine does way more than you would typically expect from a mere coffee maker. With the very large cost combined with the machine being a coffee and espresso maker, its capabilities have to be greater than what it can’t do.

To begin with, the appearance of this espresso maker has a sleek, silver design with a metallic appearance. This makes the machine look nice just about anywhere you put it, which is a nice plus!

As for the brewing part of this machine, there’s quite a bit to be said. With the ability to make yourself that perfect cup of coffee or espresso, the Gaggia Anima Prestige is also capable of more than a regular cup of caffeine. This espresso maker makes not only coffee and espressos but also a cup of cappuccino or lattes. Coffee specifically can be brewed with either beans or preground coffee so the options are never too limited. At the top of the machine lies a bean hopper and a water reservoir to simplify the brewing process. Even the temperature of the water can be controlled, which helps with the overall taste of the coffee! The espresso maker also works with a button above a spout like that of a drinking fountain. If the machine isn’t being used, it can go into an energy-saving mode too.

Attached to the machine is also a milk carafe, which is a container built to hold milk until it’s ordered to pour into a cup. It isn’t exactly like pouring a pitcher of milk, as it actually froths it while serving. Both the milk carafe and the brew unit for coffee have automatic cleaning cycles to help maintain the equipment of the machine as well.

A notable worry about the product worth mentioning is the packaging. For the cost, it’d be awful for this expensive espresso machine to break on its way to your home, right? Thankfully, this worry shouldn’t be too much of one as the packaging is carefully protected and sealed.

For the cost of the espresso machine, it would have to be worth the purchase to even considering sealing the deal. Thankfully, this machine does its job beyond what it aimed for and more. Even though things can be a bit confusing at first, the Gaggia Anima Prestiga Espresso Machine is more than worth the penny if it’s within your budget. The machine definitely does what it sets out to do with its broad range of capabilities. Whether it’s coffee, espresso, cappuccino, or even a latte, this machine manages to retain its high quality throughout its broad-ranged brewing process.

It should also be mentioned how if you’re an avid and frequent caffeine drinker, having an espresso machine waiting for you at home can cut back – if not remove entirely – those trips to a coffee shop every day. With a high-quality espresso maker at home, what else is there to ask for? Gaggia Anima Prestiga is indeed one of the best super automatic espresso machines on the market right now.

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